Recommendations for the Ardèche river descent

Les Argonautes

Information and important recommendations

Location canoëCanoeing is an outdoor sport that can be practiced alone, in couples, in families or with friends.

We strongly recommend the following : Equipe yourself with the appropriate headware, the correct sunscreen, a tee-shirt to be worn under the life-jacket and shoes suitable for crossing the fords by foot,(old trainers for example).

If you need to wear glasses for the trip, be sure to attach them by a cord.

Don’t forget your bottle of water, with preference still,(minimum 1 liter per person).

We strongly advise you not to bring cameras, camcorders or other electronic devises.

Prior to you departure we recommend that you enquire as to the weather conditions, the water level and any difficulties that may be encountered en route. We count on you,obviously, to respect the wildlife in the reserve,(though this won’t be mutual!) as well as the vegetation and all mineral life-form. Please keep your litter with you until the end of the trip where it will be taken care of.


It is obligatory to spend the night in the bivouacs provided when in the canyons. However, think to reserve in advance: phone +33 (0)4 75 88 00 41 or internet

There are two possibilities: Gaud and Gournier. Both are equipped with sanitary installations, showers (cold water only), collective barbecues,(coal and wood supplied), tables, drinking water and a first aid post.

GAUD bivouac, the largest and the least frequented, is situated in the first third of the trip. GOURNIER bivouac is situated at the halfway mark.

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